As a personal trainer, I work with each of my clients to improve their health, achieve a better physique, prepare for an athletic event or to recover from a joint or muscle injury.

My one-on-one fitness programs begin with an assessment of your personal health and fitness needs. We’ll go over your baseline measurements, review your current diet, your
fitness goals, health history and injuries. From there, I will create a fitness and lifestyle plan that is personalized to your goals. Getting Greco Fit is a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week investment! In between workout sessions, you’ll receive weekly behavior change challenges and nutritional advice to ensure you are living your best life and being your best self!

Every six to eight weeks, we will revisit our plan to celebrate your progress and modify your routine.

Your Greco Fit training will include:
• An initial fitness/wellness assessment to discuss your objectives
• A postural & functional movement assessment to see how your body moves and reacts – this is critical for my creation of your specific training program
• A body fat assessment and calculation of body measurements so we can track your progress
• A private Facebook group where clients will share workout tips, recipes, ask questions and encourage one another
• Motivational texts and phone calls throughout the week from Stephan
• Nutritional Therapy as discussed on my Nutrition page 
• The opportunity to take Greco Zone Group Fitness Classes each month
• One-on-one, one hour workout sessions to fit your schedule:
- Eight (8) sessions a month/twice a week - $350/month
- Twelve (12) sessions a month/three times a week - $500/month
- Sixteen (16) sessions a month/four times a week - $700/month

Please contact me here or call (954) 995-1321 to start your
Greco Fit journey today!